Flexifoil Ion 4!

Now finally some strong winds in Tarifa and Im trying my new kite. Flexifoil Ion 4 in size 5.5 meter  is going to be my new best friend in strong winds! C-kite performance and hybrid depower, perfect for strong gusty winds. Will get back to you with some action photos soon!


Happy time

Im so happy to be in Tarifa, sun i shining and the wind blowing almost every day. I go training freestyle and trying some new race boards. Its nice to go training together with all my friends that live here, I think Tarifa its the best place to ride couse there are so many good girls and guys here. Today was big waves and good wind for 9 meter in Valdevaqueros. Now Im just waiting for some big storm so I can try my brand new Flexifoil Ion 5 meter kite. I ride with the Flexifoil Hadlow kite in 7, 9 and 11 meter and decided to try the new Ion as my smallest kite. I think it will be perfect since it has a bit more depower for super strong winds!


On the sunday after a nice flight with Norwegian airlines from Stockholm to Malaga, 3 hours on the bus going south I finally arrived in Tarifa. The kite capital of the world was welcoming me with nice conditions yesterday. After 4 hours on the water I was really happy and tired. Training racing with my good friend Ainhoa Garcia and worldchampion Steph Bridge, riding along the whole beach from Tarifa to Valdevaqueros, about 20 kilometer. I love Tarifa, its so beautiful and peaceful, its nice to be back here! Today I will get on the water with my twiptip board and train some freestyle. Check Ainhoas blog: http://ainhoa-garcia.blogspot.com/


Welcome to my new blog, here you can follow my life as a kitesurfer. The last day I moved over the content from my old homepage, you will still find it with news updates but this site will work like a blog.


Back in Stockholm, Sweden. Nice to be home after three weeks in Thailand. It is really a amazing country, the people are super friendly, the food is really good and the conditions for kitesurfing are nearly perfect. But its always nice to come back home and a nice contrast to see some snow and go skiing!


Today I had my second heat against Gisela Pulido. She won the heat and went on to win the first part of the freestyle worldcup that is called the “single elimination”. The second half on the freestyle is called the “double elimination” and there you will get a second chance. I the “double” I met Kari Schibevaag from Norway ,and was quite happy with my heat but did not land my most difficul trick and Kari did it so she won. Gisela won the double, second was Karolina Winkowska from Polen and third Bruna Kajiya from Brazil. Kevin Langeree was the winner of the men.


Kevin Langeree

Gisela Pulido


Today I had my first heat in the worldcup, I won against Nuria Goma from Spain. In freestyle you are 2 people in each heat and you have seven minutes on the water to do better tricks than your competitor. The winner advance to the next round and the loser is out. Who you will compete against is depending on your rank before the event and a lottery. Tomorrow I will do my next heat and it will be agianst Gisela Pulido from Spain. She is five time world champion so I will really have to do my best!

The “ladder” that decides who you are going to compete against, it will depend on how good your ranking is and how good your luck is!