Raining, 5 degrees celcius, neoprene hoodie, boots and gloves on, but we are happy anyway!!!!

Raining, 5 degrees celsius, neoprene hoodie, boots and gloves 
on, but we are happy anyway!!!! Had a really nice weekend with 
the Roxy chicks in Varberg, Sweden, we were having so much fun,
just love these girls!



SUP record with the ROXY crew!

Yesterday at 4 pm the Swedish ROXY crew went to set a record around the infamous island of Djurgården in central Stockholm. In sunshine and a light breeze Åsa Lundström, Jenny Kling and I set out to Stand Up Paddle around the island. Considering that the wind were blowing about 10 knots from the west, we decided to paddle counter clockwise around the island, to avoid going against the wind. Starting and finishing at Djurgårdsbrunn in the channel. After 1 hour and 51 minutes we completed the paddle. We all agreed that this was really fun and in the future we hope to organize SUP events where everyone can come and try this amazing sport!

Joining Surfrider Foundation

Wake up in the morning, enjoy the sunrise. Paddel out to catch a wave. Wind pick up, go for a kite session. Sit outside in the cool breeze.

We have only one earth, and have to take care of it. I want to give something back. Trying to find ways of doing that. I belive it is important to raise awareness among people. To share the passion for the nature, to make people see we can all contribute in our own way. It doesnt matter what we do, as long as we do something.

Joining the Surfrider Foundation, I will be part of a 20 year old non profit organization started by surfers in California to help protect our oceans, coastline and waves. You can help as a volunteer, by joining local beach clean ups, or just by becoming a member!

Volkswagen Magazine photo shoot

Hanging out with the awesome photographer Peter Cederling the whole morning. This guy takes amazing picures, they have a really cool feeling to them. He is also shooting sometimes with oldschool analog film. I love to learn more about photography so this morning when we drove to the surf spot I had a chance to ask loads of questions! Took some behind the scenes pics with my camera, going to download them to my computer now, but it is going to be hard to look at after seeing Peters photos..


Using a analog waterproof camera shooting from the water




Feeling super happy to team up with my favorite surf brand ROXY! Love their wetsuits, bikinis and clothes. They have everything a surf girl will ever need!

American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley did a collection for Roxy as a guest designer this summer. The clothes and accessories are to die for! my favorite was this wetsuit. Surfing meets fashion, the best of two worlds!

Soon time to go somewhere…

Maui is of my favorite places.. Photo: Erin Losocco

Planning the autumn, soon it is going to be to cold in the water here to ride.. On top of the list is Brazil, they have the best conditions to ride freestyle, flat water and really stable wind. For riding waves Australia and Maui is good. I think I will stay here in Stockholm for one month more. I have alot of interesting new projects going on in Sweden and I feel that it is important to have a good balance. Being here working with my sponsors, media and that side of my career and spending time abroad training in the best possible conditions.

Catching up with Mattias at Xtravel

I love morning meetings, no better excuse for hanging out and eating breakfast and drinking coffe for hours. Something I never do normally, always on the run I just make something I can bring with me. Today I catched up with Mattias, responsible for the surf trips at XTRAVEL. We talked about were the next kite camp is going to be. Interesting is probably Egypt or Cabarete. We want to do it in the spring, and it has to be suitable for beginners aswell. If anyone has any suggestions about really good locations, nice hotels or any other information that would be good to have just send me a email or leave a message here on the homepage!

A regular day surfing and kiting at my home spot!

Love this beach! So beautiful!

I was surfing many years before I learned to kitesurf. And I really love to surf! It is a perfect combination to do both of them. I learned much about how to read the waves from my time surfing, some people underestimate this when kiting, but that is the key, to choose carefully wich waves to take. And kitesurfing the waves have improved my surfing totally since I got to spend alot more time standing on the board, no time wasted for paddling! Today the waves were really small and messy and in that condition you get more out of riding the waves with the kite.

One thing I like more about surfing is that it is more social as all the people hang out together in the line up, I miss that part when kiting!

Really small waves but better than flat!

Going for some surfing after kiting in the waves, I look a bit funny couse I am freezing soo much, now it’s soon time to ride with boots and hoodie!

Plenty of surfers in the water

Even the dog like to watch some surf action!

The first wave to dive under is always the worst one when the water is really cold. Ok to ride without hoodie on the kite session but for wave surfing and diving under it is time to put on the winter wetsuit!



She rips like hell, she is hot and she is one of my best frinds, meet CLAIRE LUTZ!

I know that the thing you like the most in kitesurfing is hitting obstacles, why?

C: I love how it feels, Its scary, its challenging and I get a different type of rush from hitting sliders. When I session a slider Im  out there for hours and have to force myself to stop riding. Its so addicting.

I met you at Susi Mai and Bill Tai’s event at Maui this spring, what is the Mai Tai kitecamp and what did you think about it?

C: “Mai Tai is a bunch of people who are involved in the “tech” world, people who helped start companies like Facebook, Google,  RockU! and a bunch of other awesome companies. They all come together to share the one sport we all know and love! –  kiteboarding. I thought it was a really cool event.

I knew who you were but I was scared of you! I didnt really know anyone at first, so I felt like a loner, but I ended up making a ton of awesome friends!”

Ohh, thats cute and honest, love you Claire!!! you are so sweet and such a good friend! and you rip like hell!

Most of the time you ride with bindings instead of footstraps on your board. Any advice for kiters that want to try bindings? Whats good and bad about it?

C: “Bindings are not for beginners. You want to be able to get in and out of your board easliy when you are learning. If you feel  like you are ready to use bindings they can be amazing. You feel more connected to your board. I feel like its easier for me to do  tricks with bindings.”
What are your plans for the winter?

C: “This winter I might go to Cape Town, or Perth. Or the Bahamas? Im not too sure yet, I dont like to plan things out to far ahead, but I have been looking at visa requirements for South Africa!”

Thanks for the chat Claire!!! Hope to meet up with you this winter to hit some sliders and filming! http://www.clairelutz.com/

This is like one of the coolest girls around, just love her!

Claire is tearing it up! Photo: Jon Malmberg

Hanging out on Maui. Photo: Erin Loscocco