Roxy Snowkite event next weekend

Everyone is welcome to try a kite on snow on saturday in Sälen, Sweden. On friday there will be a Rail competition in Playground Park, and in the afternoon there will be kite film and Roxy/Quiksilver fashion show in the Concept store at Sälfjällstorget. On saturday everyone will be free to have a go on small beginner kites, no prior skills necessary



So happy to stay at Windtown when I am in Cumbuco!


Where we eat and hang out, and where I sit right now!

The guys at Wind Town are really nice!

Getting ready to do a downwinder to Cauipe lagoon

My room!






De Pontes custom surfboard

Stoked to get a custom surfboard from De Pontes. Junior De Pontes is a Brazilian shaper in Stockholm. We are doing a 5.10 quad fin to ride with or without foot straps. I ride without straps 90% of the time, but it is really nice to be able to put straps on it if it is really big, really choppy or a bad wind direction. In the World cup competitions the judges will not give you a benefit if you ride without straps, just give you the same points as if you were riding with. So it is good to have the option to be able to put them on the board. was taking the shot of Junior when he was working on my new board, I am so stoked, cant wait to ride it! Thanks to De Pontes and check out the interview that soon will be out with me on

Junior De Pontes cutting the foam for my new board