Nice to be back home

The best thing with coming home is to see my family and friends. Today I hang out with Therese, one of my old friends from the time I was competing in alpine skiing. She made this beautiful braid in my hair! The first couple of days back home have been full with meetings and telephone calls. Three moths is a long time to be away from home and a lot of stuff have to be organized. Now I hope for some nice winds in Stockholm the next couple of days, or maybe even some waves for surfing!


Fun in the sun

Time to leave Maui for this time. Had the best time on the island and I really feel that there is no better place in the world. Hope to come back soon and ride more waves!

Makena Beach

Makena beach on the south side of Maui have had a really good swell last week. This beach is beautiful and has nice waves, but if it gets to big it is quite tricky to paddle out side it is a powerful beach break that closes out sometimes.