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Windsurfing with Tatiana Howard

Love Maui, its the place where you surfing in the morning, kitesurfing at lunch and windsurfing in the afternoon. Having a great time staying in Tatianas house, hanging out and windsurfing with her.

Michelle and Tatiana

A  map with all the surf spots on the island, more than enough!

Kitesurfing olympic sport 2016?

Kitesurfing is taking one step closer to becoming olympic in 2016. Last week ISAF, International Sailing Federation had their mid-year meeting in Russia, and came to the conclusion that one spot will be filled by either kitesurfing or windsurfing to be a part of the olympic games. The positive things that kitesurfing has on their side is that it is a young interesting sport that is very attractive for the audience to watch due to that it is very spectacular. You can find more information on


Super happy to be back on my favorite place in the world, Maui! Thanks Chris for picking me up from the airport!

The famous Maui rainbows was showing up like a welcome sign!Hookipa