It starts to feel like spring

Oh, to see the machines that are cleaning the streets from gravel are a sure sign of spring! I dont know about you guys, you may not live in a country that has a lot of snow in the winter. But here in Sweden we do, and they always put a lot of gravel on the streets to make the snow and ice less slippery. This time of the year they take out big machines with brushes to clean the streets. The first weeks without snow I am so happy to be able to skate the streets, but it’s sketchy and you crash all the time couse there is so much gravel and small stones all over the place. And then in march or april when they believe there is no chance that the snow will come back they clean it all up. To celebrate that I would really like to get my hands on this darling, a Kassia Meador photo art board..


Flexifoil Quark

Now I am back in Stockholm and I was snowkiting yesterday. I am super happy with my new Flexifoil Quark kite. Designed to be easy to fly and incredibly stable, responsive and predictable, the Quark offers you the best opportunity to learn how to handle a kite for beginners. With this kite I can teach my friends and also use it when I want to ride on snow or with a a skateboard on the beach. A must have in my quiver from now on!

On the saturday last weekend on the Roxy event, that was the day for people to come and try kite on snow, we had bad luck with the wind. It was really strong up in the mountains and snowing. So it was not good conditions for kiting!

Otherwise the event on the friday when I showed a kitesurfing film from Tarifa, the rail competition and the fashion show was good. It is always a risk for to extreme weather this time of the year in Sweden when you are in the mountains. But I still think it came really positive things out off the event, Roxy had big posters on many locations in the village and we were sharing flyers to the people skiing in the slopes. I feel that I got a lot of positive feedback from people. Many said things like they heard about this sport and really would like to try it. It is just amazing to be a part of kiting and to see the sport grow.


Todays snowboard session was just amazing, love being in the mountains. So peaceful and beautiful. This is the ski lift that takes you up at Högfjället were tomorrows snow kite events is going to be, see you there!


Hey, time to go snowboarding! Gonna be fun to try my new Burton board. Having a great time here in the Swedish mountains. Today there was a Roxy / Quiksilver  rail competition in the snowpark and a fashion show where I was one of the models. After we showed a kitesurfing movie that I made in Tarifa.

Young kids riding in the rail competition

Hello from 10.000 meter

Today flying Valencia – Mallorca – Stockholm. This is my fifth flight in three days, it’s going to feel good to come home!

I got a nice surprise on my second flight today, Norwegian airlines has as the first airline in Europe internet on two of their planes, and I am on one of them. Perfect when you have a lot of things to do on the computer!

Tapas and skateboard in Spain

Took the chance to stop in Valencia, Spain on the way home from Brazil to hang out with friends and skateboard. Thought it might be good to aclimatise  a bit before returning to the cold and snow in Sweden.

Have had a great time, riding a nice skatepark close to the opera house in Valencia, and cruising the streeets on a slalomskate. Also shooting loads of photos, something I really enjoy doing and now I try to learn all the settings on my Canon 7d I bought last year.

Tomorrow it’s time to leave and go back home to Sweden, hang out with all my freinds in Stockholm tomorrow night, and on thursday go to the Swedish mountains for the ROXY snow-kite event. Everyone is welcome to come and have a go on a kite, for more info on this drop me a email!