Great event!!! thanks to Susi Mai and Bill Tai!

Having so much fun at the MaiTai! Big thanks to Susi Mai and Bill Tai for inviting me! There are so much interesting people here and so many good riders to kite with! Today we gonna make a flower Hawaii style kitephotos with Claire and Susi!!!



MaiTai Kitecamp

Yesterday in the evening was the welcome dinner for the MaiTai kitecamp. The guys behind this camp is Susi Mai and venture capitalist Bill Tai. It has been organized a few years now in spring on Maui. It is a cool event that works like a meeting point for entrepreneurs, mostly from Silicone Valley, that are in to kitesurfing.

Strong wind on Maui

I Love Maui, its amazing, the water is warm and the wind is good. Everyday I ride on my new Flexifoil Ion 5.5, now I really got to know the kite and it is the best strong wind kite I ever tried. When Im overpowered it is very nice for jumping high, I can really trust the kite and I can always feel where I have it. For unhooked waveriding it is perfect, I park the kite and it just stays there so I can focus on the wave.

I stay in a really nice house on the beach where you can rig your kite in the garden and just go on the water. There is even a small wave breaking 200 meter outside. The ultimate location for a surfer!

The view from my hideaway

The house Im sleeping in is a amazing small wood house hidden in the top a three ten meter from the water. And the view is perfect, when I wake up I just turn my head to see the kitespot to check the waves!

Arrived in Maui

Starting out at 2 oclock in the night from Tarifa driving to the airport in Malaga. Was lucky to find a parking that was free to park on without a fee, really nice when you want to leave your car for many weeks! And then struggeling with my 80 kilo luggage to get to the terminal, luckily found a taxi to take after looking for one for half an hour. Really strange but there was tricky to find one since all of them that where driving to the airport was occupied…and I could not just call one since my cell broke down yesterday! Well at the check in disk the guy asked me if a had a electronic visa, and I said sure, I have a visa card, and he said no, a visa to enter America…wooow…noooo not really I said…so used to being able to travel anywhere without a visa when u are Swedish. Ok, he said then, then I had to fix one before the connection flight would leave Paris, oterwise I could not go! So Im lucky I have the best brother in the world that could help me to fill out the electronic application at 7 oclock in the morning! Finally arriving in Maui after a 35 hour journey, Malaga – Paris – Los Angeles – Maui. I was really tired but super happy to be here. I have been dreaming about going here the since I started surfing eight years ago!

Strong wind in Tarifa

Training freestyle in Tarifa on my new Flexifoil Ion4. I just love it, its so similar to the Hadlow kite with direct feeling on the bar and not turning to fast even though its small, just really nice for super strong gusty winds.