Arrived in North Carolina yesterday. Changing plane in New York, nice to see the Manhattan skyline! Stoked to be here and looking forward to get on the water!!!


Flexifoil Team trip in France

The Flexifoil team trip was beeing held at Quiberon. I flew from Stockholm – Amsterdam – Paris – Rennes. And then Craig came to pick me up to drive to Quiberon wich is a two hour drive to the south. It was great to catch up with Craig, I haven’t seen him since the PKRA competition in Germany 2009. He is one of the best buggy kiters in the world, and it’s amazing to see the guys from the team ride on the beach. They do the most extreme tricks and when the crash it’s not on soft water so I really have respect for what they are doing.

Almost all the international team riders were there, five time world champion Aaron Hadlow, Russian Peter Tyushkevich, wonderful Johara Sykes-Davies, and a young really prominsing rider Forest Bakker (that I know well from living in Tarifa, and actually had as a student a long time ago when I was working as a instructor!). In total about 45 people came out, many of the national team riders from the UK and almost all the guys from the company. And I was really happy to find out there was a guy I could speak Swedish with, Andreas Toverud from Norway.

The only thing missing was the wind, but at least it was strong enough to try the new kites on the beach. Love the new Protone, think it’s gonna be awesome for waveriding, and the new Ion for racing. But ofcourse I will stick with the Hadlow’s for freetstyle.