Den 1 december är det tjejkväll med Roxy på Norrlandsgatan i Stockholm!

Den 1 december är det tjejkväll med Roxy på Norrlandsgatan i Stockholm – 20% på Roxy & Quiksilver Woman, glögg & pepparkakor, goodiebag, sminkös som ger tips & råd och filmvisning. Välkomna!

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Stockholm winter wave session

Nice waves in Stockholm, on a spot called Rullsand, a two hour drive north from town. The cold is not so bad when you are wearing a good wetsuit, gloves, boots and a hoodie. Only problem that it’s getting dark so early this time of the year this far north. Had to stop riding at like five o’clock couse it was so tricky to see anything!

What’s up with Norwegian Race Worldchampion Kari Schibevaag?


Hey Kari, last time I saw you was on the World cup in Morocco, what have you been up to lately?

K: “Did worldcup on the Canary Islands and was invited to  host a girl  camp in  Morocco..  hade an amazing camp..  super fun!”

Where can we find you hanging  out this winter?

K: “I will Snow kite and try to get to a good spot for waves. For  snowkiting the Alps,  Haugastøl in Norway, Italy, and for riding  waves I will go to  South Africa”

How was your season, what are u the most happy with?

K: “2010 I won World Championship in racing in Texas and the PKRA Worldcup competition in waves in Morocco”

Wheres is your favorite spot in the world?

K: “Gjæren, my home spot in Stavanger in norway is my  favorite spot, waves and flat water. You have all, and  super  good people!”

Nice to catch up Kari, thanks for the low down, hope to ride with you somewhere this winter!

Angela Peral & Kari

Speech with the Swedish Sailing Federation

On the saturday I was invited by the Swedish Sailing Federation to hold a speech about kitesurfing. It was on a meeting for the dingy sailing clubs we have in Sweden. I was very hounored to be invited and I was really nice to be able to share my passion for the sport! It was a little bit more than 200 people listening so it was really good training to be on stage and talk, I really liked it and hope to do more things like this in the future!

Roxy event at NK in Stockholm

On the sunday I was at the Roxy shop at NK in Stockholm. NK is like a Swedish version of Harrods, a really nice shopping centre in the centre of town. It was nice to talk about kitesurfing to curious people and I was happy to see that there were alot of girls and women of all ages interested!

The guys working there were sooo funny, I was laughing the whole day!

A lottery and the first prize was a kite course with me!

My favorite picks in the shop for the moment, just love the green snowhat, the hoodie and that travelbag!

The mailbox with all the names from the lottery

Showing the film I made last week in Tarifa


In Tarifa, Spain

Just arrived in Tarifa, so happy to be back in the south of Spain. Speak Spanish, eat tapas and just hang out with all the surfers, stoked to be at my second home again!!!

The last year I only been here a couple of times, but before that I was living here for three years so it feels really good to be back. Landed at four o’clock today at Malaga airport, and then met up with some friends and drove to Tarifa. We had a good dinner in the old town and now it’s time to hit the bed to be fit for fight tomorrow. The forecast looks really good, 15 knots side-onshore wind!

Balneario, Tarifa 2008

Riding Europes first Surfstream

Riding the artificial wave at Himlabadet in Sundsvall. This is the first Surfstream in Europe, it was really good and fun to try it! Perfect for no wind, no wave days! This one always works with the right direction and size, you just need to call them and book a time. Is not that perfect or what?!

Malin is ripping!