The Interview from Segling

The interview from the Swedish sailing magazine “Segling”.



Happy time in Sweden ♥

Amazing days in Sweden. We had good weather and really nice wind. Having a happy time riding at home in Stockholm. Only thing missing is boss ♥ 



Kite on Alnö

Kite on the north side of Alnö, the island outside Sundsvall, last summer with Malin. Really love this spot, the walk in the forest through the nature park to get to the beach is magic! Malin compete in Cable-wakeboard and her new blog is up

Surfing from Roxy Pro

I was surfing a lot on Hawaii and that is really good training in combination with the kitesurfing. It’s great physical training but most important it’s so similar to kitesurfing in the waves. I believe that you will kite really well in the waves if you are a good surfer. I actually started surfing four years earlier than I learned how to kitesurf but I never did intense training in a place with good waves, so I am not so good. Cause of the conditions I really like Maui, there I have good opportunity to develop my surfing. I like to watch surf movies to get inspiration, this one is from Roxy Pro in France a couple of weeks ago