Skate video

Skateboarding down Old Maui High with Tatiana Howard


Sarah Burke

I am really sad to hear that Sarah Burke has passed away. She was a great inspiration to all female athletes

“Sarah was truly a legendary athlete, role model and an inspiration. She was everything so many of us aspire to be.

Female athletes everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Sarah’s passionate trailblazing efforts over the last 15 years. As the first competitive female freeskier, she successfully lobbied the Winter X Games to include women in freeskiing events on equal standing. It is because of Sarah’s efforts that female winter athletes are some of the only athletes in the world to receive equal prize purses to that of men.”

ALOHA 2012!

Started the new year the best way with surfing Hookipa this morning, really clear water and fun small waves, good company hanging out with Tatiana and love to surf that spot!