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KSP Mauritius making history!

I am stoked to be riding the amazing wave here at One Eye. I have been riding bigger waves then I ever ride before, and in more challenging conditions. The wave here where the competition is held is fast, powerful and sometimes hard to read. Some sets are peeling nice and others just wall up and close out at a certain section down the line. The trick is to not choose those ones, and if you already did you have to bail out the back before it’s closing. There is no time to think to long about it since you only have one chance, wich I kind of learned the hard way. That in combination with that the wave break way out offshore on a super shallow live coral reef makes no room for mistakes. Now when we have had quite big waves it’s thanks to all the good riders here looking out for each other and security boats we have all been able to push the limit.

I was invited here as one of 12 girls, and it has been amazing days riding with the best girls in the world. They are all ripping and riding really good. In my first heat I was against Kelly from Santa Cruz California and the local girl Ninja. Ninja was just riding so incredible and got the highest scores of the day in that heat using all her local knowlage of One Eye. Kelly was also riding really good so I didn’t pass my heat. The system of the ladder is that you get a second chance with only two girls on the water, and in that second heat I was beat out by Marie wich passed through all the way to the finals and is now going to win or get second in the competition. So I had some really hard heats but that is competition. But now I am more motivated then ever to train hard and get revenge. I am used to riding smaller waves in Europe and to ride without foot straps, so I will definitely need to train more in conditions similar to this. I looks like I will spend the winter on Maui riding big waves so I am looking forward to that.

KSP choosed a really good location for the competition and I am super stoked about the organization of the event. The mix of judges are people from the ASP wavesurfing world tour, tow-in riders from Hawaii and some of the most experienced kitesurfing judges. Many of the most known people in the sport are here, and a buch of really coold riders that was part of starting the sport back in the days like Felix Pivec and big wave surfer John Amundson. The famous surf photographer John Bilderback is shooting. Thanks to Kristin Boese and the waveriding comité with Sky Solbach, Mitu Monteiro and Guilly Brandão for putting together the tour. Looking forward to compete at more KSP events!

John Bilderback about the event:

“I was in the air above Outside Log Cabins, in January 1998.
I saw Tom Carroll do ‘The Snap’.
I watched Kelly and Rob Machado high five in the barrel in the Pipe finals.
Yesterday will be one of those days I”ll remember for ever.
Props to every judge, official, boat driver and – of course all the riders for coming together to hold this event: The KSP One Eye Pro Mauritius”

Photo of borrowed from John Bilderback

World Cup at Mauritius coming up!

Stoked about going to Mauritius to compete at the KSP World Tour wave kite event in the end of September. Thanks to my sponsors to make this possible! Leaving in a few days so I am now preparing packing all my stuff, happy to have a new surfboards from DePontes, and new Flexifoil kites. It’s going to be great to get back to warm weather. I love Sweden in the summer and I had a really nice time back home in Stockholm, but it feels good to be traveling again to ride in some worldclass freestyle and wave conditions.