Going to Jericoacoara

After a couple of days hanging out and training at the pousada it’s time for a small trip! We are going to Jericoacoara, a village a hour and a half to the north. I heard a lot about this place so it’s goin to be nice to see it. There is supposed to be a town built on the sand without any roads, I will bringing my camera!


In Brazil!

I am so happy to be in Brazil! After three flights, Stockholm – Paris – Sao Paulo – Fortaleza, sleeping one night in Fortaleza, a four hour taxi drive to the north and I am in heaven! It is perfect conditions for training freestyle, flat water, stable wind and it is warm and sunny. Now it is the end of the windy season so there is not so much people here. We are only a few kiters and we have the big lagoon to ourselves!

Swedish blog coming soon

I will soon start a new blog in Swedish, that one I will update more often and write more about my everyday life. This one will ofcourse stay here as usual!

If you have any comments on what you would like to know about me, or what I should write more about in this blog or the new Swedish one, or anyone that would be nice to read a interview with (I will make interviews more frequently with cool and inspiring people in the kite and board sport community) just leave me a comment here on the blog! Happy for any feedback!


Check out the new Swedish extreme sports webpage http://kaloja.se/ Just came home from a meeting with Mattias, one of the guys behind Kaloja, really cool guy with a lot of good ideas! Soon there will be a interview with me on the page!