SO HAPPY TO BE ON THE WAY TO MAUI! Thanks everyone supporting me, it would not be possible without you!

SO HAPPY TO BE ON THE WAY TO MAUI! Thanks everyone supporting me, it would not be possible without you!

Now I am boarding the last plane out of 4, from LA to Maui. Will be nice to arrive after 45 hours of travelling, can’t wait to get out and surf! This trip is possible to make on 23 hours, but will this time in total take 50 hours since I had problems at the airport in Stockholm when I was checking in early in the morning, they could not find the reservation so I had to find a new ticket, maybe it was trouble cause I booked it last minute online. The only other trip they could find where I would make it in time for the competition “holding period” wich starts on Thursday morning had a 12 hour stop in Amsterdam, and then it departed from the airport 12 hours after my original ticket in the morning.

As always I travel with so much surf equipment, wetsuits and rashguard in my hand luggage and one kite that takes up half the regular suitcase, to use the space to the max, in addition to the boardbag that is filled with surf equipment to the limit, who needs clothes and makeup when you can bring your favorite surfboards and skateboard?!

Thanks everyone out there cheering me on! and SouthSurf, Comviq, Roxy Sweden, Xtravel, Volkswagen, Flexifoil Kites, TrueCar

When I got the unexpected extra day in Stockholm I took the opportunity to see Trudi and Nadine. Nadine is so wonderful and it was great to see her and say goodbye since I missed out on the all the girls skateboard evening on monday when I was preparing for the trip. And Trudi is so cute, she followed me all the way to the train station to make sure to wave me off on the train to the airport, better friends then my girl friends are hard to find!


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