Help me go to a Worldcup competition on the 29th of november!

Help me go to a Worldcup competition on the 29th of november!
Two days ago I got the email I have been waiting for the whole year: to get invited as one of 12 girls in the world to the KSP – Kite Surf Pro World Tour on Maui, Hawaii. Because we dont have a national team in Sweden, it is up to every rider to find sponsors and funding to travel to competitions. So to be able to go I thought I would do the same thing as the famous Swedish Olympic horse rider Sara Algotsson did – start a Facebook fundraiser! She wanted to keep her horse, and I need to raise $4500 to participate in this competition. If any of you would like to contribute toward making this dream come true – every dollar counts! I promise to give back through competing at the highest level and inviting you to join me on this adventure on my blog and on Facebook as one of the few girls in the world top of this male-dominated extreme sport

For international transfer
Erika Lindberg
IBAN: SE 43 30 00 00 00 00 84 04 01 02 69
Video from a KSP event I was competing at last year

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