MaiTai Kite Camp

Four days of kiting and great people here on Maui, love the MaiTai Kite Camp. Thanks Susi Mai and Bill Tai for a amazing event!

“MaiTai is a gathering of extraordinary entrepreneurs, innovators and athletes. Participants contribute their energy to a shared experience centered around the kiting lifestyle. Lasting friendships form in an informal setting as we learn from each others successes and failures in all of our various endeavors, whilst mastering the complex sport of kiting. MaiTai started among a few friends of Susi Mai & Bill Tai staying at Ken Goldman’s vacation home and has grown over the years.

MaiTai is not a structured corporate event where content is broadcast to attendees, but rather a forum for participants to actively engage with each other. Participation in MaiTai is limited and by invitation only. Inventive entrepreneurs and athletes who will contribute to the collaborative spirit of the gathering may inquire about participating through friends already involved.”

Interveiw with Bill in Kiteboarding Magazine


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