What’s up with Norwegian Race Worldchampion Kari Schibevaag?


Hey Kari, last time I saw you was on the World cup in Morocco, what have you been up to lately?

K: “Did worldcup on the Canary Islands and was invited to  host a girl  camp in  Morocco..  hade an amazing camp..  super fun!”

Where can we find you hanging  out this winter?

K: “I will Snow kite and try to get to a good spot for waves. For  snowkiting the Alps,  Haugastøl in Norway, Italy, and for riding  waves I will go to  South Africa”

How was your season, what are u the most happy with?

K: “2010 I won World Championship in racing in Texas and the PKRA Worldcup competition in waves in Morocco”

Wheres is your favorite spot in the world?

K: “Gjæren, my home spot in Stavanger in norway is my  favorite spot, waves and flat water. You have all, and  super  good people!”

Nice to catch up Kari, thanks for the low down, hope to ride with you somewhere this winter! http://kariland.com/

Angela Peral & Kari


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