Roxy event at NK in Stockholm

On the sunday I was at the Roxy shop at NK in Stockholm. NK is like a Swedish version of Harrods, a really nice shopping centre in the centre of town. It was nice to talk about kitesurfing to curious people and I was happy to see that there were alot of girls and women of all ages interested!

The guys working there were sooo funny, I was laughing the whole day!

A lottery and the first prize was a kite course with me!

My favorite picks in the shop for the moment, just love the green snowhat, the hoodie and that travelbag!

The mailbox with all the names from the lottery

Showing the film I made last week in Tarifa



One thought on “Roxy event at NK in Stockholm

  1. Hej Erika,
    Du var den vitamininjektion jag behövde i söndags. Tack för tipsen och insprirationen, känner mig taggad inför min kite surfing på Martinique.
    Bästa hälsningar,
    “dam i den högre åldern, men glad ändå”

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