In Tarifa, Spain

Just arrived in Tarifa, so happy to be back in the south of Spain. Speak Spanish, eat tapas and just hang out with all the surfers, stoked to be at my second home again!!!

The last year I only been here a couple of times, but before that I was living here for three years so it feels really good to be back. Landed at four o’clock today at Malaga airport, and then met up with some friends and drove to Tarifa. We had a good dinner in the old town and now it’s time to hit the bed to be fit for fight tomorrow. The forecast looks really good, 15 knots side-onshore wind!

Balneario, Tarifa 2008


One thought on “In Tarifa, Spain

  1. Låter helt underbart! Hoppas du får en toppenvecka med mycket och bra surfing.
    Blir rejält avis, men jag fick också en (sista?) bra dag och kunde iaf stilla min surfabstinens lite trots minusgrader.

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