Soon time to go somewhere…

Maui is of my favorite places.. Photo: Erin Losocco

Planning the autumn, soon it is going to be to cold in the water here to ride.. On top of the list is Brazil, they have the best conditions to ride freestyle, flat water and really stable wind. For riding waves Australia and Maui is good. I think I will stay here in Stockholm for one month more. I have alot of interesting new projects going on in Sweden and I feel that it is important to have a good balance. Being here working with my sponsors, media and that side of my career and spending time abroad training in the best possible conditions.


2 thoughts on “Soon time to go somewhere…

  1. Nice philosophy Erika; it is important to get the home/travel balance right, as sometimes projects can stall if one is on the road too much.

    Well maybe I’ll see you on Maui this winter, I’m looking to be there from early December till late January.

    Great blog, nice to read, keep up the good work!


    Kitesurf Mag UK

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