A regular day surfing and kiting at my home spot!

Love this beach! So beautiful!

I was surfing many years before I learned to kitesurf. And I really love to surf! It is a perfect combination to do both of them. I learned much about how to read the waves from my time surfing, some people underestimate this when kiting, but that is the key, to choose carefully wich waves to take. And kitesurfing the waves have improved my surfing totally since I got to spend alot more time standing on the board, no time wasted for paddling! Today the waves were really small and messy and in that condition you get more out of riding the waves with the kite.

One thing I like more about surfing is that it is more social as all the people hang out together in the line up, I miss that part when kiting!

Really small waves but better than flat!

Going for some surfing after kiting in the waves, I look a bit funny couse I am freezing soo much, now it’s soon time to ride with boots and hoodie!

Plenty of surfers in the water

Even the dog like to watch some surf action!

The first wave to dive under is always the worst one when the water is really cold. Ok to ride without hoodie on the kite session but for wave surfing and diving under it is time to put on the winter wetsuit!


2 thoughts on “A regular day surfing and kiting at my home spot!

  1. Hej halloj!

    Var ute på Torö i söndags och såg dig där! Blev nyfiken och hittade sen bloggen.. Coolt att det går så bra för dig, själv har jag precis börjat surfa, men håller mig nog till varmare vatten än så länge, det såg sjukt kallt ut på Torö! Eftersom pojkvännen kör vågsurf har jag enbart provat det, kite ser galet kul ut det med dock! Keep up the good work! / D

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