She rips like hell, she is hot and she is one of my best frinds, meet CLAIRE LUTZ!

I know that the thing you like the most in kitesurfing is hitting obstacles, why?

C: I love how it feels, Its scary, its challenging and I get a different type of rush from hitting sliders. When I session a slider Im  out there for hours and have to force myself to stop riding. Its so addicting.

I met you at Susi Mai and Bill Tai’s event at Maui this spring, what is the Mai Tai kitecamp and what did you think about it?

C: “Mai Tai is a bunch of people who are involved in the “tech” world, people who helped start companies like Facebook, Google,  RockU! and a bunch of other awesome companies. They all come together to share the one sport we all know and love! –  kiteboarding. I thought it was a really cool event.

I knew who you were but I was scared of you! I didnt really know anyone at first, so I felt like a loner, but I ended up making a ton of awesome friends!”

Ohh, thats cute and honest, love you Claire!!! you are so sweet and such a good friend! and you rip like hell!

Most of the time you ride with bindings instead of footstraps on your board. Any advice for kiters that want to try bindings? Whats good and bad about it?

C: “Bindings are not for beginners. You want to be able to get in and out of your board easliy when you are learning. If you feel  like you are ready to use bindings they can be amazing. You feel more connected to your board. I feel like its easier for me to do  tricks with bindings.”
What are your plans for the winter?

C: “This winter I might go to Cape Town, or Perth. Or the Bahamas? Im not too sure yet, I dont like to plan things out to far ahead, but I have been looking at visa requirements for South Africa!”

Thanks for the chat Claire!!! Hope to meet up with you this winter to hit some sliders and filming!

This is like one of the coolest girls around, just love her!

Claire is tearing it up! Photo: Jon Malmberg

Hanging out on Maui. Photo: Erin Loscocco



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