Riding at Torö

Riding at the favorite local spot in Stockholm, Torö. Nice two meter waves and strong wind for my smallest kite. Nice to be at home in Sweden, very exotic with pine trees on the beach!

It is a really warm summer this year and if it is a sunny day you can ride with a shorty wetsuit. It is as warm as 20 degrees in the water! But quite often when the strong wind comes it is cloudy and rainy…and then it is gets very cold, so a snow hat is a must have as a Swedish surfer!


One thought on “Riding at Torö

  1. Hi Erica,

    I met you in the shop in Stockholm. I am de Dutch guy that ask you about a good place te kite. You told me Torö. So that sathurday I went to Torö and, as you said it was a nice place. It was to bad that we were to late, because the wind has just killed out a bit. So it just not enough to ride. But the place was very nice.
    So, I just wanted to thank you for explaining me to the spot. It was nice to have met you. I hope to hear more from your kitesurf prizes.


    Kim from Holland

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