Arrived in Maui

Starting out at 2 oclock in the night from Tarifa driving to the airport in Malaga. Was lucky to find a parking that was free to park on without a fee, really nice when you want to leave your car for many weeks! And then struggeling with my 80 kilo luggage to get to the terminal, luckily found a taxi to take after looking for one for half an hour. Really strange but there was tricky to find one since all of them that where driving to the airport was occupied…and I could not just call one since my cell broke down yesterday! Well at the check in disk the guy asked me if a had a electronic visa, and I said sure, I have a visa card, and he said no, a visa to enter America…wooow…noooo not really I said…so used to being able to travel anywhere without a visa when u are Swedish. Ok, he said then, then I had to fix one before the connection flight would leave Paris, oterwise I could not go! So Im lucky I have the best brother in the world that could help me to fill out the electronic application at 7 oclock in the morning! Finally arriving in Maui after a 35 hour journey, Malaga – Paris – Los Angeles – Maui. I was really tired but super happy to be here. I have been dreaming about going here the since I started surfing eight years ago!


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