In the strong wind we did the first part and finished today in better winds for freestyle. In the end of my heat I went for my more difficul tricks, a blind judge and airpass but didnt land it. I was competing against Jo Wilson from England and she won the heat. I finished in place nr.9, not as good as on the last worldcup competition in France. But I learned alot and feel supermotivated to train now for the next competition. The next PKRA worldcup its going to be in Brasil in Oktober!

The winner for the girls was Asia Litwin from Polen, second Bruna Kajiya, Brasil and third Karolina Winkowska, Polen. Kevin Langeree, Holland won the guys freestyle.

The water was a nice temperature, it was enough to ride with a spring suit.

My kite sponsor Flexifoil was showing their new equipment, and the Flexi landboard team was there to ride on the beach, they are really good!

The box where the judges sit, on a truck so they can move it when the tidewater goes up and down!


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