Due to the strong winds tha organizers decided to run all the heats with only two guys on the water at the same time, and then the single for the guys take many hours. When the guys had finished their single elimination and there were time for the girls to start the clock was already five in the afternoon and the wind was suddenly dropping in the first girls heat. They canceled the heat between Angela Peral and Pauline Boussard in the middle, and there was a decision to continue tomorrow. I was going in the second heat so I had already been out on the water warming up and testing a 3m2 kite that I borrowed from Johara and when they decided to postpone the comp for tomorrow I switched kite and  went for a overpowered session on my 5m2 together with Gisela, we were the only guys left on the water, not strange considering the cold weater, I was really freezing, think I even got some frostbite on my feet!!


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