We finished the dubble eliminations at monday afternoon, my first heat would be against the winner of the first girls heat, that was between German Nina Shumacher and French Pauline Boussard. Pauline won the heat so I would compete against her. The wind had dropped so I decided to go with my 5.5m2 Hadlow pro kite. Since I got my new kites I had mostly trained with the 5 line setting on the kites, since I was used to 5 lines from my old kites. But I went out to test with the 6 line setting that is what Aaron rides with, and I felt that the kite flyes really good with that, so I decided to go with it. The wind was still strong, and the direction side off, so the best place to do the tricks was close to the beach, were wind was slightly less and it was possible to unhook. I was happy with the tricks I manage to do in the difficul conditions, and I won the heat. Next I would compete against Asia Litwin from Polen. The wind stayed the same so for this heat so I also used my 5.5m2. We both struggled in the windy conditions, in the end Asia won. But Im happy to finish in 6 place in the competition!

Team Flexifoil, Johara Sykes Davies from Great Brittain, Bruna Kajiya from Brazil and me

The scoreboard with the "ladder" for the heats


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