I have the best family!

My brother just send me this photo that was shot when I was visiting him last week. I wanted to go for a quick kitesession on the small lake by their house, but ofcourse I didnt have the special pump used for inflating the kite! That is the last thing you think about to pack (there is always someone at the beach you are going to that you can borrow one from..), and the first thing that goes out of the bag when its to full (and heavy, as I always happen to be..) when you pack your bag to go to the airport.. So the dilemma was that I was not going to “the beach” but to a very small lake in the north of Sweden.. so we had to be creative and my brother came up with the brilliant ide to use a bicycle pump! It was for sure working, but only took about 50 times longer to pump the kite with as the normal one since it is much much smaller. But we made it, thanks to everyone taking turn pumping!


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