Tuesday was no wind so we had a resting day, the sun came back aswell after four days of rain, so that was nice! Today the day started with PKRA best trick competition, the wind had turned the other direction to side on, but it was almost the same strenght as the first days of competition. It was even more gusty since the wind came from the mountain at the side of the bay, Im used to gusty wind since I train in Tarifa, and I thought it couldnt be worse then the mondays crazy wind, but this was probably the most difficult conditions I ever kited in. Bruna did really well in the crazy conditions and manage to land a blind jugde, so she was the winner of best trick, second Gisela and third Angela, then Johara and me. Later in the afternoon there was a special boardoff competition apart from PKRA, organised by one of the main sponsors of the event, Gotcha clothing. Since I havent been kitesurfing for so many years I have never trained so much on old school tricks like when you take the board off, or the feet out, this type of trick the people used to do in the beginning of kitesurfing. But it was really funny to go in the competition and try to give the public a show, there were several hundreds of people watching us. Gisela did some really cool stuff and she won, after was Johara and me.

Prizegiving board off

2:nd Johara Sykes Davies, 1:st Gisela Pulido


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