We had to wake up early in the Flexifoil house, my heat would be the second of the day and Joharas the third, the skippers meeting was at 9 oclock, so we had to wake up at seven, there are a lot of things to be organized and a lot of kites to be pumped! So this would be my first heat of the competition, I was competing against the Brazilian chick Bruna Kajiya, she is really good, she finished first or second on all the stops at the tour last year. I was chosing between my 5.5m2 Hadlow pro kite or Joharas 3m2 Neutron kite, and since the guys on the Flexifoil team, Aaron and Peter were riding their 5.5m2 and they are a lot more heavy I decided to go on the 3m2. The wind was ok for the 3m2, but I was not used to ride on the small kite since I only tried it one time before, and it is turning very fast so its dificult to do freestyle with. Bruna won the heat and passed on. I had to wait for the dubble elimination to start, we were lucky couse the wind stayed and even got a bit nicer, slightly less and a bit more stable.

Anki that works as a judge in the PKRA organization is also Swedish!


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