Yesterday I took off the footstraps and put my wakeboard bindings back on my board. I had a nice session in the spot Balneario, the central spot in Tarifa on my 7m2 kite. This place always has flatwater in the Levante wind so it`s a perfect place for riding with bindings. The wind is straight offshore so in the beginning of the session I was a bit worried when I crashed, since I just changed to 6 lines on my kite. That means no 5 line in the center, just 4 lines on the side and 2 supportlines for the leading edge, so it´s not as easy to relaunch as with a 5 line… And I got a picture in my head of myself drifting out towards Marocco, unable to relaunch my kite and stuck with my feet in the bindings… but I was totally wrong, it`s just as easy as before to relaunch the Hadlow kites, when the kite is crashed on its leading egde I just pulled one of the backlines hard and it just comes back up again in the air, really simple!


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